New – Cosmetic Aluminium Tube Filling

Whether you’re drawn in by Aluminium’s sustainability or by its unique aesthetics, Aluminium is making a big comeback in the beauty and personal care industry.


Aluminium has some incredibly strong benefits. It’s estimated that a whopping 75% of Aluminium ever produced is still in use, in some form. Materials such as plastic can only be recycled a few times, whereas Aluminium can be infinitely recycled without degrading, which is great for a circular economy.

The Premium Feel

As humans, we’re intrinsically drawn to people and objects we find attractive. Marketers commonly say that packaging amounts to roughly a third of the consumer purchasing motivations.

It’s hard to define exactly what makes Aluminium tubes so appealing, maybe it’s the hard surface and weightiness but it might also be a nostalgia for the utilitarian, vintage heritage.

Metal has a more natural, handcrafted quality and when paired with the popular block pastel colours and matt or satin finish, the slimline tubes really shout “premium finish”.

Aluminium Tube Filling with Viaderm

Our experienced team can manage all sizes of jobs and complexity, we deliver exceptional service, on schedule.

From sample runs to gain compatibility and stability testing through to full production. We operate full and semi-automated filling, sealing and coding machines, for 3ml to 250ml aluminium tubes. We are able to fill tubes that range from 0.5ml tubes to 250ml tubes, of wide-ranging viscosities.

Please bear in mind that printed tubes in your own livery are subject to a 3,000 minimum purchase order, per variant.

Printing & Finishing

Our print and fishing partner can offer a wide range of high-quality offset printing solutions in multiple dance colours in a wide range of finishes and options.