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White Label vs Private Label – What’s the difference?

What is White Label?

White Label is essentially a pre-existing formula, owned and developed by the manufacturer. This is an excellent option for low-budget startups, for existing brands looking to bolster its range, or for testing a market. We Have over 300 high-quality formulations, ready to be produced under your brand!


This is an extremely fast way to get a product to market as your manufacturer will already have put the formulation through rigorous testing.


The biggest limitation of white Label is customisation. Minor changes can sometimes be made but in most cases, this would mean that the formulation must be retested. However, all our formulas are of the highest quality, are highly effective and you can choose your own packaging, to be sold and marketed under your own brand.

What is Private Label?

Contract Manufacturing, also known as Private Label is when you contract a manufacturer making a product on your behalf to a particular brief. Our custom development solution gives you complete control over the content of your product. Our dedicated product development team would work to create a unique formula based on your specific needs and brand ethos.


Completely unique to your brand, every detail can be customised from scent, viscosity, active ingredients and much more.


New product formulations must be tested for safety and stability, which have a much longer lead time than using our pre-existing formulas.


White Label is a great way to get an effective product to market, quickly. Custom development and manufacturing (Private Label) is the best way to create a unique product that can outperform your competition.